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Academics who have an interest in law department management

“Genie, grant me a wish: create a squadron of academics who study and publish about law department management!”

“Your wish is partly granted, Rees Morrison!” Here are some that I have met or read about, and I would welcome additions to this preliminary list.

Constance Bagley, Harvard Business School; Carol Basri, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Deborah DeMott, Duke Law School; Susan Saab Fortney, Texas Tech University School of Law; Ashish Nanda, Harvard Business School; William Ross, Stamford Law School; Susan Samuelson, Boston University School of Management; Robert Nelson, Northwestern School of Law; Ann Southworth, Harvard Law School; and Tina Stark, Fordham Univ. School of Law.

For some related ideas, see my posts of Oct. 23, 2005 about James Cook, PhD; April 12, 2006 about executive education courses and March 27, 2005 about artificial intelligence and law school researchers in the UK and Australia; and April 18, 2005 about Said Business School at Oxford. I believe there is a Prof. Stephen Mason, who teaches at the University of Nottingham (UK).