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According to an innovative report, three clusters of matter management systems (MMS), by average number of lawyers

Heretofore, no one has combined data on matter management systems (MMS) and staffing or spending benchmark metrics. Such a fertile mash-up, however, is now available from General Counsel Metrics, LLC. MMS Insights reports on 130 users of more than 15 matter management systems in Canadian and U.S. legal departments.

Typical sizes of the law departments that use a MMS differentiate the packages. For example, for the eight packages with the most departments using them, the average department size is 51 lawyers. Custom-application departments, of which there were 19, averaged 14 lawyers. In the smallest range, law departments that indicated they had no MMS or did not identify one averaged 8.4 lawyers. Clearly, the larger the department, the more likely it is to have licensed a matter management package.

If your IT group or your law department would like to learn more about MMS Insights, please write its analyst and author, Rees Morrison.

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