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Achtung! Mark my words, but don’t get the wrong imPrussian

Ja wohl, Ich haben a liking for das Allemagne words (Sehen mein posts of Mai 20, 2005 on “schadenfreude” und Octoberfest 18, 2005 on “scheissenbedaurn.”) English just does not do justice to these wonderful terms; there are no synonyms, no “doppelganger.” Mein kampf is to not overdo this Deutschy-feely fascination.

But I am not alone. A recent quote made me laugh, when a therapist praising cognitive therapy said, “The zeit is really geisting on this idea right now.” (NY Times, Dec. 27, 2005 at F1) Ach du lieben! That’s as gut as, “How do you kill a gesellschaft?” “With a gemeinschaft.”

Humor can and should thrive with law department management.