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Acronyms, jargon and corp-speak – not plains in the neck for law departments

ExecComm’s POST laid out our KPI’s, so the CFO and LLT expect the OGC and its SME’s, well before Q2LE, to KISS Project ACRE as an IO or MBO. Check HRSSO for details.

With NA and CENTCO should we do this PDQ (COB 2/30/06), but it’s A-OK for the GMS and FDs, especially in EMEA, to roll out SAP FY05 on QUADROS through LEDES software. Our ROI won’t SNAFU if we TQM or 6SIG the OpPlans of the BUs.

S&D needs to log onto CMS, or at least answer FAQs that those HI Pos at CEI and IA pass on to CEO and BoD before we PTFTO the StratPlanRev3QEst.