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An acquisition of a service provider for in invoice pre-checking (eBilling Hub)

Thomson Reuters has acquired the assets of eBillingHub. According to the July 2011 issue of Am. Legal Tech. Insider at 1, eBillingHub was one of the major players in the ebilling and electronic invoicing sector. The newsletter explains that eBillingHub is “best understood as a SaaS data exchange that automatically configures client codes and billing rules with third-party ebilling systems.” It now joins Elite as part of the Business of Law unit at Thomson Reuters.

Having just recently written about this class of software, which checks law firm bills for their conformity with clients’ e-billing guidelines before the bills are submitted, I add this item (See my post of June 1, 2010: why don’t law firms test their invoices against their client’s e-billing rules before submitting them; and Dec. 2, 2007: reference to eBillingHub.). Law departments appreciate the grooming of bills before they arrive.