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An article and seven more posts on fully-loaded costs per hour

Since my last metapost on what it costs a company to support each hour of its internal attorneys (See my post of Aug. 27, 2008: fully-loaded cost per lawyer hour with 31 references.),

I have accumulated several more posts (See my post of Sept. 9, 2008: opportunity cost can be calculated; Nov. 16, 2008: low chargeable hours at many law firms; Jan. 16, 2008: more attacks on median cost per hour inside; Jan. 16, 2008: hourly-cost gap inside to outside might be one-third; Jan. 23, 2009: qualitative differences between internal and external hours; Jan. 29, 2009: rental costs for law departments; and Feb. 22, 2009: vacation days.). Additionally, I have written an article on fully loaded costs which just appeared in Legal Times.