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An extranet that goes beyond what a matter management system typically shows

At ILTA 2009, a partner from Mallesons showed what they call “Mallesons Connect.” It is an extranet system for one of their largest clients. Its purpose is to provide transparency to the client about the services on their behalf provided by the law firm.

On a dashboard, the members of the legal department of that key client can see the budget for a matter and the percentage of the budget consumed; the core lawyers working on their matters along with their picture and full contact information; schedules and availability of the core lawyers; as well as pie and bar charts of fees by matter, unpaid fees by matter. There may be more on the site, but my notes covered this information.

Such an extranet would be a powerful addition to a fixed fee engagement that has many matters in it and extends for several years (See my post of April 8, 2008: extranets with 13 references.).

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