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An ideascape for legal department managers – Beware the Ideas of March! (Part I)

Landscapes set out plants; hardscapes array stonework; so an “ideascape” describes how we organize our mental verbal resources. An ideascape for general counsel is one of my blog ambitions. This blog can help to organize and refine how managers of corporate legal groups describe their task.

The words they use, the concepts and tools important to them, the descriptive terminology for practices and procedures are all scruffy, sloppily used and in need of sharper and more shared common language and framework. To start the long path toward more semantic clarity, I have written to this point all manner of posts. A series of posts over the next couple of weeks will attempt to bring them together and synthesize them.

As I try to rationalize terminology on management for general counsel, I am also on the lookout for gaps in my coverage on this blog, for topics that need more expansive treatment, thought or links to related topics. Thus, this proto-dictionary of law department management terms aims to move us slightly farther and help us think more clearly, express ourselves more precisely, and understand more broadly. The posts will discuss words, concepts, practices, models and tools.

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