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An initiative underway to resolve e-commerce disputes online without someone from the company being involved

Alternatives, published by of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, May, 2012 at 120, mentions ongoing work on a site that will enable certain kinds of disputes to be resolved on the internet. Specifically it explains that the Uncitral Working Group III Online Dispute Resolution initiative has enlisted Modria, a software company, into the working group to create an online dispute resolution platform.

The goal of the working group is to ‚Äúdevelop tools to be applied to high-volume, low-value cases characteristic of E-commerce.” Law departments should welcome any aids that enable them to efficiently resolve cost-of-business disputes with consumers. This particular one may have an algorithmic basis for settling the disputes along the lines of a model that eBay uses. The CEO of Modria stated that eBay settles 90% of its disputes without human involvement (See my post of Dec. 31, 2006: online arbitration systems; and Oct. 20, 2009: online dispute resolution and two sites mentioned.).