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An online knowledge repository for legal material at BAE Systems

The law department of BAE Systems, with its 120 lawyers, enjoys the efforts of a head of knowledge management and training (See my post of Sept. 10, 2005: specialized roles in law departments.). According to Legal Week, July 31, 2008, among her other activities, Jo Humphrey has developed an Internet-based knowledge exchange called the Lawyers Virtual Information System – called LVIS and pronounced like the singer with the mesmerizing pelvis.

“Part of the theory behind LVIS is that by helping the legal team share knowledge companywide, more advisory work can be handled internally.” Other law departments have set up similar systems to improve productivity and quality (See my posts of March 26, 2008: Cisco; and March 11, 2007: Kraft.). Those companies, too, might have hoped to reduce their payments to outside counsel.