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An update on metaposts, having produced 523 of them

My collection of metaposts now numbers 523, citing 6,807 back references (See my post of Jan. 29, 2010: commentary on the 420 metaposts as of then.). That means an average of 13 posts cited per metaposts. (The largest metapost, on law departments cited frequently, includes 169 references.) It means this industrious blogger has kept a pace of eight or nine metaposts per month for nearly six years. These metaposts includes references to 242 other metaposts. If more than five metaposts are cited, I call it a hyperpost. Hyperposts now number more than a two dozen.

Naturally, many posts get referred to more than once and the same holds for metaposts. Even so, weaving and creating, cross-referencing and expanding, this beehive of thoughts about law department operations continues to build and elaborate.

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