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An example of the value of matter management data to show productivity

In early 1999 a report went to the Board of County Commissioners for Hernando County, Florida. The 20-page study followed up on an audit of the County’s Legal Services Department. Along with a recommendation for Legal Request Forms (See my post of March 26, 2007.), another recommendation urged the small Department to hire an additional lawyer.

The audit report announced the productivity gains from the additional lawyer’s the first seven months. “”There was a material increase (44%) in the average number of Legal Requests completed each month …. There was a 50% decrease in the average lead time (days to complete) per Request during the … period. Additionally, … the average number of requests that had lead times over the standard 14 day period decreased by 21% during the … period.”

It’s all so neatly tied together, the additional lawyer leading to much work done, done more quickly and within the turnaround time promised. The return on investment from additional productivity can hardly be demonstrated more clearly.