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Analysis of four broad topics on this blog that subsume multiple metaposts

The 250+ metaposts that I have compiled and embedded on this blog group into several broader topics. Most prominently, four topics account for a largest number of total posts.

Software leads with 196 posts, which surprises me because I do not do much consulting regarding many of the genre of software. Nevertheless, it is an easy topic for vendors and managers of law departments to write or speak about so I have accumulated close to 200 posts in that broad topic.

Next, at 192 references, are a cluster of topics about outside counsel that do not pertain to billing terms (electronic billing systems, timekeepers, outside counsel guidelines, firing firms, secondments, budgets and evaluations).

Third on the list, in terms of numbers of posts cited, are those that concern the terms of bills from outside counsel, covering such metaposts as discounts, flat fees, rate increases, rates and bonuses.

Finally, a cluster of metaposts have 153 references to posts about selection of outside counsel. Those narrower metaposts cover competitive bids, convergence, panels, and procurement.