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Another blog book review (blook review?) – 13 posts on Managing the Modern Law Firm

Laura Empson, ed., Managing the Modern Law Firm: New Challenges New Perspectives (Oxford Univ. Press 2007), will mostly interest managing partners of law firms. That said, three chapters speak to concerns of general counsel, one on diversity, a fascinating chapter on law firm pricing, and a theoretical chapter on organizational capital. From those three chapters particularly, and elsewhere in the book, many points deserved mention on this blog.

Thirteen entries, to be exact, drew on ideas from Empson’s book (See my post of June 23, 2009: whether diverse work groups function more effectively; June 24, 2009: law firms that learn on a client’s dime; June 24, 2009 #5: 1290 AD advice on legal fees; June 24, 2009: some history on collective efforts to boost diversity in legal departments; June 26, 2009: time series data on larger law departments; July 1, 2009 #1: the F-statistic test; July 29, 2009: organizational capital in legal departments; July 30, 2009: cluster analysis; July 31, 2009: managerial consequences of lawyer intelligence; July 31, 2009: large departments use large firms; Aug. 4, 2009: standardize variables in terms of standard deviations; Aug. 3, 2009: Board membership and rates; and Aug. 5, 2009: partnered law firms and lower hourly rates.).