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Another instance of a firm creating value for clients and licensing it (DLA Piper and UAE laws)

DLA Piper has created a repository of laws from the United Arab Emirates, the confederation of seven states that are part of the Gulf States. The UAE includes seven statelets, the best known being Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As described in the Financial Times, Innovative Lawyers 2009 at 42, the firm has translated the laws into English and made them available online. The translated set of statutes has proved useful to some core clients “and is now being licensed by other law firms.”

Might legal departments that have extensive operations in the region also want to license access to the collection? As huge, international firms expand, might they not assemble other collections of legal knowledge and documents, making them available for law departments? I think legal departments should encourage this development (See my post of Feb. 19, 2010: Orrick Herrington and corporate compliance services.).