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Answers to three burning issues of grammar, bravely faced up to by this intrepid blogger

Not one to eat, shoot and leave, I wish to leave my imprint on law department management in the full regalia of grammatical grace. Toward that end, my powerful search software ferreted out these bibelot:

Plural of general counsel (See my post of March 22, 2006: proper plural of “general counsel”; April 28, 2010 #3: to the same point and cites authority; Nov. 30, 2010 #3: Fowlers lends support; March 3, 2011: an example contrary to my conclusion; and Sept. 28, 2010 #5: verb agreement with “in-house counsel”.).

Proper usage of law and legal (See my post of May 24, 2005: one view of the difference between “law department” and “legal department”; Jan. 4, 2008 #3: Google Blog Search results; Nov. 1, 2008: BlogPulse references to the two terms; April 20, 2009: Google Trends and numbers of references; July 7, 2009 #4: Jux2 searches of the terms; Nov. 7, 2010 #2: favors the compound noun law department; and Oct. 7, 2010 #5: “law” as a noun and “legal” as an adjective.).

To hyphenate “in-house” or not (See my post of June 30, 2009: proper spelling of in-house; and Dec. 8, 2010 #5: in-house vs inhouse.).

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