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Are the key benchmark metrics of early participants in a survey materially different than those of later participants?

The first 100 or so participants in 2012 in the General Counsel Metrics industry benchmark survey were eager to take part, as demonstrated by how quickly they did so. Do their metrics look fundamentally different from last year’s final group of 840, which clearly had some late-in-the-season participants? No, most of the early trends match the final results from last year.

Here are some other findings from the early birds. About 60% of the respondents are general counsel, while another 10% are administrators. Those characteristics are also in line with past surveys.

Two questions asked about matter management software and contract management software. So far, 14 different matter management systems have been implemented among the 40 companies who have given the name of their package. Serengeti and Bridgeway have the most among that group. As to contract management software, the respondents have selected 17 different packages, only one of them by two departments. As more companies take part, it will become clearer whether (a) fewer departments have installed contract than matter-management software and (b) the market for contract software is even more fragmented.

To join the 120 participants already, click on this benchmark survey link.

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