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Are there managerial differences between women and men general counsel?

Spare me the travails of Harvard’s Lawrence Summers, who commented on women in science and unleashed, seriously but pun intended, a maelstrom. Still, having read that “in a recent personality-assessment survey of 420 executive men and women” the results, according to the executive leadership consulting firm conducting the study, were dramatic (Fortune, Nov. 14, 2005 at 144):

“In weighting 47 management competencies, from judgment to reasoning ability to decisiveness, the women surveyed scored higher on 36 of them.” Not sure about “weighting,” but sounds like the increasing incidence of women general counsel is a good thing.

The same article cited a survey by Catalyst of 296 corporate leaders, 57 percent of them women. The survey found that “men think men are better at problem solving or decision-making, while women think women are better at it. If the job is in general management, however, which is dominated by men, both sexes think men make better decisions. Similarly, women are perceived to be better in ‘female’ jobs, such as human resources.”

What is the gender of the top lawyers’ job?

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