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Artiblog on law firm invoices and how to analyze them – my article updated from this blog

My article about how to learn more from your law-firm invoices explains 13 ways to squeeze more insights from them (See my post of Dec. 11, 2006.).

Since the publication of that article, I have written eight more posts on invoice review and related topics (See my posts of Jan. 25, 2007 about encryption of invoice data; March 23, 2007 about some statistical analyses of invoice data; May 8, 2007 regarding duplicate payments of invoices; Feb. 21, 2007 on standardized formats for bills; April 22, 2007 on bringing the UTBMS up to date; Feb. 4, 2007 about the ratio of partner time to other timekeepers’ time; Nov. 28, 2007 with some complaints by law firms about e-billing; and Nov. 10, 2007 for the notion of a three-way approval process.).