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Ask your key law firm to run business simulations to educate your lawyers

Addelshaw Goddard, the UK-based law firm,
offers an unusual perquisite for its major clients. According to a piece in Managing Ptr., July-Aug. 2010 at 49, it can “run business simulation events designed to put in-house lawyers in the shoes of their colleagues (managing director, finance director, commercial director) over a four-year business cycle. Clients love the practical application of their work in a fun environment, often with lawyers from other businesses.”

A business simulation stands out as an unusual, added-value offering by a law firm. It shows the firm to be sensitive to the need for lawyers on both sides of the aisle to understand their business clients, it bespeaks creativity, and it displays technology prowess. I also like the idea that the law firm invites in-house lawyers from various legal departments to come together and take part in the simulations. Congratulations, Addelshaw, on a sophisticated and clever initiative! Alert legal departments could ask their primary firms to emulate this.