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Associations and affiliation groups for women in-house counsel

The National Association of Women Lawyers will host the Fourth Annual General Counsel Institute in early November. The topics to be discussed include several on law department management.

NAWL is not alone in its attention to women who practice law in corporate settings. Other groups for in-house women lawyers include the Women’s Law Empowerment Forum (See my post of May 13, 2007: Women’s Law Empowerment Forum.), Corporate Counsel Women of Color (See my post of Oct. 22, 2006: Corporate Counsel Women of Color.), the General Counsel Network, part of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives (See my post of Oct. 22, 2006: Women of Color.), Women’s Law School Coalition (See my post of Nov. 30, 2007: law school women.), and Women in E-Discovery (See my post of Jan. 28, 2008: WiE.)

In the next few years, law departments in the United States will have as many women lawyers as men lawyers (See my post of March 16, 2008 #3: 40% are women currently.).

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