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At a conference for claims managers, the swarm of 56 vendors who sponsored it

A cloud of companies surround law departments and seek business from them. Here is an illuminating slice of the cottage industry. For the Council on Litigation Management’s annual conference, 3 premium, 14 platinum, 19 gold, and 20 silver sponsors signed on. Nine of them are law firms. The remaining 47 represent a sprawl of companies that law departments might retain directly or pay through the law firms that represent them.

Matter management system vendors were the most plentiful. I noted Acuity (nee Trialnet), Bottomline Technologies, CSC, CT TyMetrix, Datacert, Legalbill, LegalEye, and LexisNexis CounselLink.

Medical malpractice defense had the next largest showing (MedAllocators, Med Legal, MedSave, and Medval) along with court reporting services (Atkinson Baker, First Choice, McCorkle, and US Legal Support).

Records management included three providers (a2six, Keais Records Service and MCS Record Services) as did e-discovery (ACT, T-Scan, Unisource).

Several niches had two representatives each: post-accident technical experts (Forensic Economic Studies, LWG), general consulting for insurance companies (Deloitte, Nolan), disaster restoration services (BMS CAT, SRM Servicemaster), networks of law firms (ALFA International, Your House Counsel), ADR services (ADR Systems, Resolute Systems), and legal fees and audits (Meckler Bulger, Stuart Maue).

All the rest of the sponsors appeared to me to be single representatives of what are likely to be populous fields: temporary staffing (Esquire Solutions), translation (Legal Language Services). insurance industry information for institutional investors (Cagney Research Group), trial consulting (Clarity Partners), Medicare set-aside software (Crowe Paradis), offshore support (Pangea3), environmental consulting (WCD Group), wholesale brokerage and specialty lines underwriting (U.S. Risk), structured settlements (Ringler Associates), investigative services (ICS Merrill), claims services (Pace), and other (Philips).