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Attempts at humor on this blog

This blog, despite its dry-as-dust name, is awash in chortles.

Seriously, this blog has tickled funny bones with verbal word play (See my posts of Sept. 3, 2006 on goring the oxymoron; Jan. 5, 2006 on “ph’s”; Jan. 1, 2006 which uses the planets in order; March 1, 2006 with Germanicisms; May 16, 2006 on outside-counsel prolixity; May 16, 2006 about hare-brained lawyers; March 16, 2006 that disses southpaw lawyers; and Feb. 19, 2006 on symbolism.).

Puns abound (See my posts of Feb. 15, 2006 [Six and the single-lawyer department]; Feb. 16, 2006 [Measuring legal complexity – an example taxing in the extreme]; Feb. 16, 2006 [NIPP and tuck]; July 27, 2007 [“garden-variety lattice”]; Aug. 5, 2007 [“wetter to drip-drip”]; and Sept. 13, 2005 [“Oracle hard on PeopleSoft”.).

At intervals there have been sad attempts at humor (See my post of Feb. 19, 2006 with its riff on “unbonuses; Sept. 21, 2005 with its embedding of seconds, minutes, hours and weeks; Dec. 9, 2005 “until Black’s Law Dictionary runs out of words”; Oct. 21, 2005 “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln.”); Nov. 9, 2006 on the “altocracy” and a tall tale; Dec. 22, 2006 on training, where OJT is “the intellectual equivalent of eat what you kill”; Aug. 26, 2006 and the many hats worn by general counsel; Feb. 14, 2006 on valentines and general counsel, with cross references to clever posts and four pun posts; Oct. 18, 2005 on scheissenbedaurn; and Oct. 22, 2005 for my tongue-in-cheek guidance on dress codes.).

Irony, can you imagine?, seeps out here and there (See my post of June 6, 2006 on the delivery time of the general counsel of Graham Packaging.) as well as metaphors pushed to the you-know-what point (See my posts of May 20, 2005 and the color red; May 26, 2006 on rubber and roads; Dec. 23, 2005 and racehorses; and April 9, 2006 on hair loss.).

So, far, however, I have not sunk to lawyer jokes, since they are not appealing.