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Behind the proliferation of awards to law departments – cherchez la buck

The reason there are so many awards handed out to law departments is that vendors and service providers pay handsomely for the publicity. If you are a software vendor, for example, you rejoice when one of the law departments that has installed your software bags an award (See my post of Feb. 9, 2012: litigation hold vendor’s client honored.). Not only do you rejoice, you take out an ad in the publication that gives the award. Or, if you are a law firm’s marketing department, you love having a client identify you as their partner in an award-winning activity, plus you plump down a bundle as the “sponsor” of the the black-tie ceremony. Even law departments swell up and feel good about themselves to be recognized as the Best Something – and they too pony up for a table at the gala bestowal ceremony.

The award givers make money from content, ads and tables and sponsorships. The awardees feel good about themselves and the marketing hype rises and rises all around.