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Benchmark boom this year reflected in several studies

The global benchmark survey of General Counsel Metrics, LLC (well, this blogger, really) burst upon the scene this year and has amassed more than 700 participants. The law department benchmark survey conducted by ALM increased its participation rate from about 65 last year to 114 this year. Then, yesterday, a press release announced that the Thomson Hildebrandt BakerRobbins survey increased its participation rate about 10 percent. No word yet from the ACC Empsight compensation survey.

What explains the surge of interest in benchmarks? Perhaps the economic downturn forced more companies to look at overhead G&A, which in turn made comparative spending and staffing metrics more compelling. Perhaps more general counsel have on their own converted to apostles for metrics? Perhaps the rising tide of publicity about the General Counsel Metrics success story has lifted all the boats?

Surf’s up, so get on board with more than 700 other law departments. Take part in the GCM benchmark study and get your no-cost report, all 65 pages, in early November.

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