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Best practice references in recent posts – “but still it moves”

Galileo was forced to recant, but famously muttered the truth. Though often pushed to use other people’s words or to talk about best practices, my protests still echo. Even with my skepticism as expressed on this blog, from time to I refer to some practices as best (See my post of May 28, 2010: conference calls for bidders during an RFP process; Sept. 6, 2010: contract management; Oct. 4, 2010: reserve setting; Oct. 26, 2010: contract signing; Nov. 27, 2010: pool business unit bonus funds; Dec. 7, 2010: oscillating on patent preparation in-house; and May 29, 2011: choice of ECA due date.).

I add these nominees to those of the posts on best practices I have compiled before (See my post of June 6, 2006: best practices with 4 references; and Feb.14, 2009: best practices with 24 references and one metapost.).