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Books on law department management – invitation to supplement list

Here are the books which I know on law department management. Please email me, Rees Morrison,, if you know of a book I have not included.

Ayre, J. Randolph, Corporate Legal Departments–Strategies for the 1990s (PLI, 2nd Ed., 1990)

Basri, Carole, and Kagan, Irving, Corporate Legal Departments (PLI, 3rd Ed., 1998)

Chayes, Antonia Handler, Managing the Corporate Legal Function: The Law Department, Outside Counsel and Legal Costs (Matthew Bender 1985)

Fargason, Scott, Auditing the Legal Process: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Legal Counsel (Inst. Of Internal Auditors 2002)

Gilber, Paul, Head2Head: Client Relationship Management: The Client’s View (Author Publishing 2002)

Haig, Robert L., ed., Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel (West Group & ACCA 2000)

Hancock, William A., ed., Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Law Department Management (Bus. Laws, 2nd Ed. 1996)

Kelly, John G., The New General Counsel (Emond Montgomery 1998)

Morrison, Rees W., Law Department Benchmarks: Myths, Metrics, and Management (Glasser LegalWorks, 2nd Ed., 2001)

Morrison, Rees. W., Client Satisfaction and Law Departments (Corp. Legal Times 2003)

Morrison, Rees W. (ed.), Lessons from Leaders (Law Department Administrators) (Hildebrandt Inst. 2005)

Smith, Larry R., Inside-Outside (Amlaw 2001)

Snider, Debra, The Productive Culture Blueprint: For Corporate Law Departments and Their Outside Counsel (ABA 2003)

Thygerson, Kenneth J., Controlling Corporate Legal Costs (Quorum 1994)

Toothman, John W. and Ross, William G., Legal Fees: Law and Management (Carolina Academic Press 2003)

Weise, Richard H., Representing the Corporate Client: Designs for Quality (Prentice Hall 1991)

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