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Call legal departments “global” if they have 25%+ of their lawyers on two other continents

Some observers call law firms “global” if they have at least 25 percent of their lawyers oversees, I read in David Galbenski, Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Dramatically Transforming Legal Services Today (2009) at 37. Why not apply the same threshold for a definition applicable to legal departments? I have twice collected posts on international law departments but haven’t tried to define terms (See my post of March 1, 2009: creating a one-department culture with 7 posts and 5 metaposts; and Jan. 16, 2009: decentralized law departments with 13 references.).

I propose that we refer to law departments as “global” if they have (a) at least a quarter of their lawyers outside the country that has the largest number of lawyers – presumably the home country and (b) lawyers on a least two other continents.

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