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Circulate posts from this blog to your colleagues with permalinks

In the past week, at least 50 people have visited this site from a very large pharmaceutical company. As I reconstruct what happened, somebody senior notified the law department that a particular post on this blog ought to be read. That set in train the large number of visits from the same corporate website.

You can do the same in your law department or law firm. If one of my posts strikes you as insightful or provocative, send your colleagues a permalink (a unique identifier on the Web for the post). Here’s how:

Go to the bottom of the post that interests you and click on “Permalink” (it is to the right of “Comments”). Next, go to your browser window and copy the permalink that appears there. [I use either CTRL C or right click on my mouse and click “Copy.”] The permalink looks something like this, which is the permalink for my post on Feb. 13, 2009 about the structure of a law department should alter as the structure of a client changes.

In your email about the post or in your note on the intranet site, paste the permalink into it and, voila, the recipient who is online can double click the permalink and jump directly to the post on my blog.