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Circumstances where law departments would be mostly likely to end a relationship with a firm

A survey, published in Legal Week, Vol. 9, Feb. 22, 2007 at 12, asked respondents to pick among five reasons why they might terminate their dealings with an external counsel. Respondents were allowed to choose two of the five explanations. “Quality of work” and “overcharging/lack of value” dominated the choices as 64 percent of the respondents selected each of them. Poor lawyers who charge rich fees are most likely to be cashiered.

“Lack of responsiveness/slow turnaround” garnered 28 percent of the choices while “changes in personnel/lack of senior lawyer involvement” came in at 19 percent and “other” at 8 percent (See my posts of Feb. 17, 2007on legal departments “firing” firms and references cited.).

The article ends that “nearly half of all respondents (47%) said they had ended a relationship with an advisor acrimoniously.” No one likes being dumped.