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Clichéd and monotonous examples when people cite certain law department management practices

It is mildly exasperating and disappointing to hear the same examples time after time from the dais. Can’t speakers come up with something other than “Focus on strategic work, [pause as if pondering] such as bet-the-company litigation.” Can’t they offer something else? Or “Push your law firms to be innovative, [pause as if considering among choices] such as alternative fee arrangements.” Really, haven’t heard that one before! Or the chestnut of “Be sure the work is done as efficiently as possible, such as with delegation.” Take my breath away! Are people thinking when they wheel out “Share knowledge, such as with an intranet”?

Right, you say, each of these shop-worn examples makes brilliant sense to someone in the audience who has been hidden under a rock or whose name is van Winkle. Right, some consultants who write arrogant and snarky posts about over-used examples should realize that not everyone is immersed in management-speak.

All I urge is that speakers and writers reach beyond the reflexive instances and offer something else. If nothing else comes to mind, then the supposed advice stands emptier, an emperor with barely any clothes.