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Cliometrics and econometrics, so perhaps themismetrics for law departments

John Lukacs, The Future of History (Yale 2011) at 43-44, disparages what he calls “quanto-history,” the effort to gather data and apply statistical tools in the service of historical knowledge. What others have called “Cliometrics” – Clio being the goddess of history – lack reliable data and, worse, focus on quantities not qualities, according to Lukacs. Clearly, not a numbers guy!

Econometrics, to shift fields but bring in a parallel discipline, applies statistics and mathematical analysis to the study of economic topics (See my post of July 4, 2006: econometrics.). Benchmark studies for law departments, we might analogize, attempt to quantify management topics in part of the legal industry. One day we might learn from the field of Themismetrics about quantification of legal management.

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