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Comparative metrics and observations about this blog

Fascinated as I am with Web 2.0 and blogs, I offer some more analyses from free sites on the web. Am I competitive?

How Rank figures out rankings of blogs, and my page rank is 3. What does that mean?

According to Feedburner, during the period January 16, 2007 – February 5, 2009, readers who have LawDepartmentManagementBlog on an RSS feed clicked back 39,023 times to the site on 2,010 blog posts. Those are imposing figures!

The blog of Avvo lists 300 “top legal blogs,” based on their Alexa traffic ranking. This blog ranked number 260 (Alexa 30-day number of 4,316,294). About three days ago, this blog ranked 1,241,716 on Alexa and its predecessor,, ranked 3,899,299. BlogLines had this blog at 9,182. For just one contributor on management topics aimed at one-tenth of the lawyer populations, as compared to blogs with substantive legal updates, not too shabby.

Quαntcast about two weeks ago reported that this blog has “Regulars” (12%), those who come once a month at least but who accounted for 27% of the visits) and “Passers by (88%),” those who came less than once a month. It also said my blog ranked 356,917 on Feb. 21, 2009. My visitors are 61 percent male and 39 percent female, although I have no idea how Quαntcast figures that out. It states that 30 percent of my visitors have attended grad school. “This site reaches over 4,474 monthly people, of which 3,082 (69%) are in the U.S. The site appeals to a 35-49, more male, more educated, more affluent group.” Sounds like US law departments, right?