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Comparative writing styles of in-house lawyers and outside counsel

Global Counsel, Sept. 2003 at 28 paraphrases a senior corporate counsel who makes the point that his brethren “become used to writing very short bulleted notes that their business clients will read.” On the other hand, “external lawyers tend to write much more and offer more than one possible conclusion.”

If inside, write trenchantly.

Leave it to the law firm partners and associates who serve you, who contrary to all appearances are not paid by the word, paragraph or clause (8)(b)(iii) sub-part IV, to put finger to keyboard or mouth to dictation machine either at much greater length or, as heretofore the party of the first part puts it, with much greater frequency or possibly ceteris paribus with a duplicative combinations of both greater prolixity and probability at one and the same time, as hereinbefore defined: courting sesquipedalian savoir faire.