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Concordance software and this blog – irrelevant for law department management

On Sept. 3rd, this blog had about 1,400 posts and 81,000 hits. I ran software called Concordance (Ver. 3.2 from R.J.C. Watt) to analyze the 393 pages of material and discovered some absolutely incredible and fascinating minutia.

About 11,000 “words” – defined by Concordance as any character string – show up only one time. These solos include “backbiting,” “balkanization,” “beepers,” “screed,” and “spears.”

Other words dot every page. The non-trivial words that appear most often are “law” (3,765 times), “counsel” (1,656), “department” (1,626), “departments” (1,302), “lawyers” (1,490), “legal” (1,294), and “firms” (1,083).

Finally, you might (or might not) like to know that 10.49 percent of the words were 7 letters. Another 4.52 percent were 10 letters long.

Don’t you feel better knowing all that?