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Consider joining my LinkedIn group, Law Department Management, and its 510 members

Steadily my LinkedIn group has attracted members from all around the world. The pace of comments has picked up and the group has reached critical mass in terms of vitality and continued growth. As these things go on the Internet, you need quite a few participants to sustain discussions and to reach topics that appeal broadly. That is what has happened over the three years of my group since it opened its doors April 28, 2008.

At the one year mark it had about 200 members, it grew to more than 250 at the start of 2010, and has doubled in the past year — fifty some more so far in 2011. I hope you join, participate, and get value.

As background, here are my previous substantive posts regarding LinkedIn (See my post of Jan. 19, 2008: LinkedIn and census of members with law department in profile; Aug. 15, 2008: formed my group in Spring of 2008 – more than a score of members; Oct. 12, 2008: survey shows almost 50% of lawyers belong to a social network; Dec. 21, 2008: example of question posed and answered; Jan. 6, 2009: 66 members; Jan. 20, 2009: estimate by Kevin O’Keefe that hundreds of thousands of lawyers belong to LinkedIn; Jan. 21, 2009: 3,797 LinkedIn hits for “Skadden”; March 29, 2009: good comment on Group; May 22, 2009: Legal IT Professionals group; June 1, 2009: many lurkers on social networks like LinkedIn; June 9, 2009: 48% of in-house lawyers belong to a social network; June 14, 2009 #3: Mark Harrington’s group for general counsel has 386 members; June 16, 2009: Legal Process Outsourcing group; July 1, 2009 #3: 536,000 lawyers on LinkedIn, 200 in my Group; Dec. 23, 2009 #3: 58% of lawyers surveyed belong to an online social network; Jan. 24, 2010: more than 250 members of my group and 35+ groups exist for lawyers on LinkedIn; Nov. 2, 2010: comment on LinkedIn that spurred blog post; Nov. 28, 2010: social networks fared poorly in survey of job sources; Dec. 21, 2010: 450 members of my group.).