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Contest after contest to rate law departments on their achievements

A late-blooming flower, honors and awards to law departments have recently sprung up everywhere. Law departments can seek recognition in a growing number of competitions. Evidently, many law departments strive for these recognitions.

InsideCounsel magazine hosts its ten-innovative-law-department awards. Corporate Counsel produces an annual best law department issue. The Minority Corporate Counsel Asssociation honors law departments that promote diversity. The Financial Times sponsors its Innovative Lawyers Report, which this year for the first time will accept in-house submissions. The College of Law Practice Management presents its InnovAction awards. Then there is the Annual Corporate Counsel Work-Life Balance Award sponsored by Constangy Brooks & Smith. The Directors Roundtable organizes “World Recognition of Achievements in Diversity in the Law.” The International Law Office and the Association of Corporate Counsel bestow the Global Counsel Awards.

Next we will see American Idol for General Counsel and reality shows pitting in-house management advocates in survival struggles against each other.