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Contracts and offshoring by Sapient

Sapient’s law department, headed by general counsel Jane Owens, has set up “an operations group in our India office that handles worldwide contracts administration.” Further, as described in Top of Mind, Vol. 6, at 2 (K&L Ι Gates), the company has a “deal administration team” in India that tracks contracting processes throughout the world and “measures quantitative and qualitative performance.” For its hat trick, the law department trains and certifies some clients so they can negotiate and sign contracts on their own (“self-service”) below a certain level of materiality.

An excellent group of methods to handle the legal needs common to many law departments: contracts (See my post of June 25, 2007 on metrics about contracts and how to handle them; April 17, 2007 about delegating contracts work; and Sept. 5, 2007 on contracts and complexity.).

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