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Cottage industry: auditors of law firm invoices (legal bill auditors)

Once a white hot growth area, back in the early 1990’s, bill auditing cooled off considerably, and some auditors shifted out of that line of work. Even so, quite a few remain, and they are veterans. Those named below have been or are involved in the bill review sub-industry.

Accountability Services (Judith Bronsther);
Computer Sciences Corporation;
Devil’s Advocate (John Toothman) (See my post of May 24, 2006 on his co-authored book.);
Law Cost Management (Rick Robbins);
Litigation Cost Management (Gary Greenfield);
Legal Cost Consultants;
Legal Cost Control (See my post of Aug. 26, 2005 on one member’s output.);
Legal Resources Management (Bill Lon-Innes)
Stuart Maue;
Meckler, Bulger & Tilson (Bruce Bulger);
Moscaret Consulting (Ken Moscaret);
Professional Fee Examiners (John Ahlquist);
Professional Fee Oversight (Karen Zuckerman);
Jim Schratz; and
Tecum, Inc.

Outside the insurance industry, bill auditors mostly show up in litigation over legal expenses charged by one company to another (See my post of Jan. 10, 2006 about a patent infringement case; and Nov. 25, 2006 about Oxycontin litigation.). For additional listings, see the American Lawyer Median collection of experts.

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