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Cottage industry: electronic billing services

I have written previously about e-billing services (See my post of Aug. 21, 2005 that distinguishes e-billing from matter management.), but have not collected in one post the names of leading vendors. Those names follow, along with some posts related to them.

This blog has reported on data from many of the vendors in this field, which include Allegiant (May 1, 2005 about its ROI claims.); BottomLine Technologies (Nov. 15, 2005 and law firm performance data.); CT Tymetrix (Aug. 21, 2005 about Convex.); DataCert (Sept. 13, 2005, which cites Eric Elfman, its President.); Examen (Jan. 4, 2006 on its surveys.); and Serengeti (April 5, Aug. 5, as well as Nov. 6 and 8, 2005 on its surveys).

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