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Cottage industry: vendors (other than law firms) that conduct business with law departments

After once-over lightlies about the swarm of vendors other than law firms who supply goods and services to law departments as part of a multi-billion dollar ecosystem – a classic cottage industry, it seems it will help readers if I collect information on those niche markets (See my posts of April 18, 2005; Oct. 18, 2005 on the revenue that might go to companies that are part of the cottage industry; and May 30, 2006.).

Accordingly, a number of subsequent posts have noted various clusters of suppliers to law departments (See my posts in 2006 of Feb. 9 – document discovery vendors; July 4–litigation and trial consultants; July 5 – corporate governance groups; July 5 – online legal and compliance training; July 6 – legal search firms; July 11 – e-billing vendors; July 11 – court reporters; July 14 – matter management systems; July 14 – class action claims firms; and July 19 – corporate secretary web portals.).