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Could there be a business around impartial assessments of major litigation by an objective panel?

An interview in, Dec./Jan. 2011 at 120, describes the new medical company Expert Consensus. Its founders charge about $12,000 to convene a panel of experts to consider a patient’s major medical decision, such as treatment for stage-four lung cancer. They collect and organize the electronic data, find the experts, and manage the consultation.

For a major lawsuit, with tens of millions of dollars in the balance as well as non-monetary risks, might a comparable panel of lawyers vet a company’s process, key decisions, and overall strategy?

Yes, I agree conflicts of interest could obstruct such a method and, yes, I agree that attorney-client privilege could be an issue, but the essential idea of objective wisdom applied laser-like to a messy legal problem could have massive benefits (See my post of Feb. 17, 2008: similar idea of a multi-disciplinary team assembled by a law firm.).