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COVID19 and Talent: Informal emails periodically from the General Counsel

Sometimes, simple is best. As a simple step, a general counsel could send periodic informal emails to some or all of the members of the law department.  If the GC apprises everyone with the same message, does so with informal writing rather than corporate-speak, and invites feedback (be sure not to reply all), it is a method to knit the department.

For the top lawyer to adopt this technique to increasing cohesion, share information, and collect feedback, it’s best to start modestly with a couple of paragraphs, and not try to cover too many topics.  Most people feel they already face far too many emails and they would welcome short and sweet ones. Depending whether the emails are weekly or biweekly, they can cover different topics each time or return to important themes

If GCs feel this periodic email technique burdens them too much, what is a better way to reach out to lawyers and staff who are working from home in isolation? Then too, lawyers who manage groups of lawyers and report to the GC also adopt this method of keeping in touch.

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