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Customer relationship management as a feeder system, and more, for a law department

Kraig Washburn, the General Counsel of Flexera, spoke at the recent InsideCounsel SuperConference about his department’s use of Salesforce software.  His department has about four lawyers and four other staff.  In 2011, they handled about 4,000 requests for assistance, among which were about 700 negotiated software agreements.


Currently, with Salesforce, reps in the field fill in the key terms for a prospective contract and the software routes that information to the law department.  In so doing, it serves as a request for legal services, the start of a document assembly process, and a contract management repository.  Washburn also characterized the software as a knowledge management tool.  For example they can generate NDA’s very quickly and are putting in a capability for licensing agreements.  The Salesforce software thus overlaps with some of the functions of a matter management system and some of the functions of a contract management system.

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