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Data about base salaries of Brazilian and Latin American senior lawyers of multinationals

The good people at Laurence Simons, the global executive search firm, sent me data about compensation among Brazilian and other Latin American in-house lawyers. If you are interested in the entire PowerPoint, email Berta Papp.

In mid-2010, the median base salary of 31 Brazilian Regional Directors and General Counsel was US$202,915. That sum compares reasonably to median compensation levels for in-house lawyers in the United States, although not as much as lawyers at that same level of seniority. The reason for the basic comparability is not far to find: “Our research focused solely on the LATAM operations of leading and household name US and European multinationals with the exception of the banking & financial services sectors.” What this means is that large multinationals observe pay parity to a considerable extent in Brazil.

The median base salary for 16 lawyers of equivalent level in the rest of Latin America was a much more modest US$73,000. The Brazilian median seems high, but the $73,000 seems too low. It is hard to understand why Brazilian lawyers of multinationals command such high salaries relative to their counterparts elsewhere in South America.

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