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Data on general counsel who participate in multiple benchmark studies

Many general counsel appreciate benchmark efforts. More than 300 have done so in the recently released General Counsel Metrics, LLC Global Benchmark Survey.

But, what about total participation rates? Of the three other benchmark surveys that are available for purchase, out of the total of 515 participants listed in their most recent reports, I counted 53 that completed two of the surveys. More surprisingly, four law departments completed all three of them. It is possible that some of the participants also took part in one or more private surveys that are not available to the public, through a trade association or consulting firm like mine, and do not release the names of the participating companies.

Just in case you were wondering, of the group of companies in the other benchmark reports, more than 75 have taken part so far in this year’s General Counsel Metrics, LLC survey. Hundreds of law departments new to benchmarking appear to have tried it out.

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