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DataCert acquires Corprasoft – a competitor’s comment

By contributing author Brad Blickstein, Blickstein Group, on legal service providers:

I received a note from Rob Thomas of Serengeti Law yesterday, in reference to my post of May 10, “DataCert acquires Corprasoft.” Rob pointed out that, like some other companies I mentioned, Serengeti has integrated matter management and e-billing. He made some other interesting points; here they are…

“I recently read your post discussing the DataCert acquisition of Corprasoft. You list other systems that have already integrated matter management and e-billing, but did not mention Serengeti. I wanted you to know that in recent surveys of both law departments and law firms, Serengeti is the most widely used system for matter management and e-billing in the legal profession. We currently have more than 10,000 in-house users on Serengeti, and all of their 12,000+ law firms, in 125 countries. There are more than 160 law departments on the system (more than double our nearest competitor), from some of the world’s largest companies (American Express, Disney/ABC/ESPN, Nike, AlcatelLucent) to some with a solo in-house GC.”

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