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Different offshore legal sites vary by the languages they support

In America, Britain and Canada, most commentary on legal process outsourcing refers to providers in India, where English is commonly spoken and the common law prevails. But for in-house counsel whose primary work language is French or Spanish, other countries contend for the work.

For example, European Lawyer, Issue 92, Jan. 2010 at 21, explains that “outsourcers are looking at other regions, such as Morocco and Romania to cater for the French, Italian and German markets and where a full-time equivalent lawyer will typically cost one-fifth of what it does in those European jurisdictions.”

The search for low-cost providers of legal-related services extends to another common language: “They are also beginning to target Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras for the Spanish market.”

Finally, Dutch speakers can turn to South Africa for LPO vendors, in part because “a South African lawyer is charged out at about one quarter of what a Dutch lawyer would cost.”