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“Direct reports”: those whose primary evaluator is the general counsel

No posts have defined this term but some posts have commented generally on those who report to the chief legal officer through no intermediate person (See my post of June 7, 2006: number of reports to general counsel; Dec. 9, 2005: direct reports in large law departments; Sept. 27, 2005: 180° evaluations of direct reports; June 24, 2007: attrition rates blamed in part on direct reports; Oct. 10, 2005: competition among direct reports; Feb. 1, 2009: “management team” means the CLO’s direct reports; and Feb. 19, 2008: a descriptive metric for direct reports and other reports.).

Some posts comment on the number of people reporting to specific general counsel (See my post of June 16, 2006: 15 direct reports to general counsel of Honeywell and the notion of 15% of lawyers as direct reports; Jan. 17, 2006: general counsel of McDonald’s and her 3 direct reports, plus marketing, compliance and international reporting to her; Nov. 4, 2007: 10+ reports to general counsel of Raytheon; May 2, 2008: Siemens’s reorganization and the new direct reports; and Feb. 13, 2009: Cadbury-Schweppes and 10+ direct reports.).

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