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Disappointment with matter management systems

On his Blog, David Munn wrote on Jan. 30, 2006 about a presentation he had heard that morning at LegalTech. “Microsoft reported that in a benchmarking survey they did of corporate legal departments, matter management was the number one least successful technology initiative.”

Nothing further from Munn, so let me speculate. It may be that matter management systems offer the mecca of coordinating almost all knowledge in the law department, especially if they have document attachment, e-mail and other functions. But many of them wither to glorified accounting systems for the legal department.

It may be that lawyers should be able to identify trends and create analytical reports on spending and matters. But many matter management systems languish with little input except the bare minimum information and even that is entered by support staff.

It may be that members of the law department can and should use the MMS as their central nervous system, but most are simply nervous.

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